Essay On African American Education

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The Experience of African-Americans and Native Americans With School Within the history of America, we’ve had discrimination and different approaches to how we interact with the other ethnic group, and how these ethic group were educated within our country. This country that is America sometimes gave these ethnic groups an education to the bare minimum, so that the “real” citizens. Or the white citizens who were privileged enough to be born with white skin could succeed within their society, and to triumph over other less fortunate citizens. To enforce their own form of education and way of life, and philosophy to make attempts of stealing the land that belonged rightfully to these people. Education is something to be desired, the more …show more content…

Thomas Jefferson wanted the American citizens to be educated, except for black people. “It wasn’t until 1868 when the Fourteenth Amendment, which provide equal protection under the laws, that it had an enormous impact on public schools.”(Spring 184 paraphrased). Although it was a huge accomplishment for our history in America, the decades to come would be hard for not only African American, but as well as for the Native people. Not only in the way they were treated by their society, but the way they received their education from society and its government as well. In the beginning education for African Americans was not received very well by the America public. “Some Anglo-Americans after the Revolution even protested the provision of any education for African Americans, Claiming that it would offend southerners and encourage immigration from Africa.”(Spring 118). Boston was one of the first places for black people to receive an education. “Boston organized the first comprehensive system of urban schools after the passage of the Massachusetts Education act of 1789.”(Spring 118). Within this legislation towns would provide elementary schools for six months of the year and grammar schools in communities with more than 200 families. By 1790 the black population at that time in Boston was 766 out of the total population of

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