The Extent Of Personal Responsibility

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The Extent of Personal Responsibility Taking place in two hemispheres from one another, the plot to Khaled Hosseini 's Kite Runner and Phillip Roth 's Nemesis have few common elements to observe if one were to look strictly at the plot. However, looking deeper reveals that both novels have startlingly similar elements and themes; ranging from fear, to a rejection of god. The most significant theme in both of these novels is the concept of personal responsibility--a concept that defines Amir and Bucky and drives the way they act, in addition to influencing the plot of each novel. Starting with protagonist Amir in Kite Runner, the pivotal point of responsibility is first introduced when Hassan is raped by Assef following the conclusion of the kite runner tournament that Amir won. This moment is the single-most significant moment in the entire novel: "I stopped watching, turned away from the alley" (67). This quote establishes the theme of personal responsibility, and this very event would go on to define Amir throughout the entirety of the novel, as Amir would go on to decades later to state: "We had both betrayed the people who would have given their lives for us" (197). Another point is established with this, that being the question of how far claiming responsibility go before being considered unreasonable? Looking at this particular scene, one has to wonder, what could have Amir have been able to do in this situation? While fleeing the scene is debated as a lack of

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