The Extreme Capitalist Society In Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times

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Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times captures the extreme capitalist society argued by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto. Modern Times highlights a society which is focused on minimizing cost while maximizing profits to an extent where nobody is immune to its adverse effects of potential lost jobs, and release on mass production. The film captures an unrealistic production speed required from workers and pokes fun at a potential invention to rapidly decrease employee downtime in the mundane factory environment. Chaplains character is brilliant in being able to put on display all the issues that come with extreme capitalism, while also being able to provide in a comedic sense, The film works to show exaggerated forms of ‘innovation’ that is poised to help the workers when in reality it is used to increase production and lower employees required. The capitalist society provided in Modern Times brings the bourgeoisie dominated capitalist society to film, that Marx argued in The Communist Manifesto to be the problem holding the proletariats from having a happy fulfilling life. The proletariats who account for the majority of the population are according to Marx living a miserable life under rule of the bourgeoisie (15-16). Marx suggests that they work to revolt and break away from bourgeoisie control as they have nothing to lose. Proletariats at this point in society were being exploited by capitalism and the exploitation of them in Ford style factories

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