The Face Of Education Has Changed Over Time

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The face of education has changed significantly over time. Students, whether in high school or college, used to go sit in class with a teacher and other students. Decades ago, sitting in a classroom for learning was the only option. The accessibility of classes has changed drastically since then. Technology advances have dramatically changed how students learn, and allows for many different options of how to attend classes. Students now have the option to take classes online from the privacy of their own home, or from anywhere around the world. No longer do students have to be located near their school. Seated classes and online classes each have different ways of teaching the material, and appeal to different types of students. Seated classes are vastly superior to online classes when examining the categories of time, responsibility, types of learning, and social interaction.
Seated classes have many benefits and constraints such as time, responsibility, types of learning, and social interaction. Time is one limitation when it comes to a seated class. While students have the opportunity to choose when class is scheduled and where it is located, seated classes have set meeting dates and times. Sometimes the class does not fit into the schedule of the student. Students, that are full-time, may not be bothered by seated classes, but students that work or have full-time jobs may not have the time to go to class. Taking the time and gas to travel to class is costly, whether for

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