The Factors And Causes Of The Russian Revolution In 1917

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Wars are what primarily caused revolutions and multiple have caused the Russian revolution in 1917. Many wars have taken place in Russia and all of them were factors of which caused revolutions. In fact, revolutions would often come after wars or sometimes even while it took place. The Crimean war took place from October 1853 to February 1856. The time in which the Russian empire lost to the allegiance of the Ottoman Empire, Britain, France, and Sardinia. It began by the decline of Ottoman empire of Russia gaining territory and power at the Ottoman expense. Britain and France were unwilling for the event as well. This was also a disagreement of the churches of which they eventually worked out their differences and made an agreement. The Ottomans demanded changes however Nicholas refused and prepared for war. The Ottomans also had declared it having obtained “promises of support from France and Britain.”(Wikipedia)
In 1853 the war was fought in Balkans and Russia succeeded in invading and occupying Ottoman territory. As Russia’s progress of obtaining territory continued as to when they destroyed Turkish attempt to reinforce the garrison. This led to France and Britain who now feared an Ottoman collapse rush forces so the Russians had to abandon Silistra, an Ottoman territory. Later the rivals attacked Russia’s main naval in the black sea When Russia decided to abandon it. Meanwhile, nearby in Balaklava, British troops charged down a narrow valley that was “flanked by

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