The Factors Of Homicide Suicide

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Factors of Homicide-Suicide
Anastasia Mendola
Kean University Fall 2015
Research Methods
Prof. Fernando Linhares

Introduction This paper is being submitted for research methods’ at Kean University for the fall 2015 semester to discuss factors of homicide-suicide. The variables I will be using in the discussion will be, male perpetrators, male victims, female perpetrators, female victims, marriage victims and marriage perpetrators. Murder-suicide is defined as a homicide that is followed by the suicide of the perpetrator within one week, sometimes a max of two weeks in some cases. The definitions of the variables are as follow. A male perpetrator is a male that has committed the act of homicide on another human being, than in return take his life within a week of the killing. A female perpetrator is a female that has committed the acts of homicide on another human being, than in return takes her life within one week of the killing. A male victims is a male who is the victims of the homicide. A female victims is a female who is the victim of the crime. Marital status is the status in which both the perpetrator and the victim are in which each other. It can be classified as married, separate, divorced or single. Homicide-Suicide rates are a growing number in the United States and the countries around. They were once something that rarely occurred but then they became the front news of every media and news outlet. Many different things can lead to the result
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