Suicide Death Of The United States

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. There are approximately 121 successful suicides a day, and 44,193 a year. Almost 50% of suicides are committed with a firearm. Seven out of ten suicides are committed by white middle aged men. It is proven that men die from suicide 3.5 times more than women; however, it is documented that women try three times more. Over the past 17 years’ suicide rates have increased steadily. Suicide rates are higher in people who are 34 and older. Whites currently hold the highest suicide rate. The most popular form of suicide is with a firearm it accounts for 49.8%. Second is suffocation at 26.8%, then poisoning at 15.4%, and other at 7.9%. No count is kept for people who attempted …show more content…

Altruistic suicide occurs when there are dramatic social forces. An example would be a plane crash, the people who commit suicide feel that they are doing it for the better of their organization or themselves. A few real-life examples of this would be 9/11, the Pulse night club shooting, and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Egoistic suicide occurs when a person feels detached from society. Many elderly people who live in nursing homes feel detached from society. They went from cooking, cleaning, and going to work every day to not having a say in what they do or when they see their family. For some people this is too much and they become suicidal. Fatalistic suicide occurs when people feel that they have no control over their world. An example would be when Trump was elected president, for some people this would have been too much to handle and it would have put them over the edge. Another example could be a prisoner, if someone is on death row and they have sat there for twenty plus years, sometimes they would rather die than sit there another day. Depression can also be a cause of someone being suicidal. There are many causes for depression including mental illness, loss of a loved one etc.... When someone is depressed a chemical change in their brain. In other words, it is not something you can just wake up and get over, 10% of people will experience depression

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