The Factors Of The Aquaculture In Australia

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Aquaculture is a major industry world-wide but is becoming fast growing in Australia (Moffatt, B. 2008). Aquaculture is defined as the business of farming aquatic animals and plants, under varying degrees of controlled conditions, both in marine and freshwater environments (Daf, 2017).
Aquaculture has the potential, through harvesting and farming species, to support the growing demand for seafood (Daf, 2017). Aquaculture produces fish for food, sport, bait and ornamental, as well as crustaceans, molluscs, algae, sea vegetables and fish eggs (NOAA, 2017). Seafood demand has significantly increased over the last three decades, the demand exceeds the supply capable by domestic production and continues to grow everyday (Agriculture, 2017). Aquaculture occurs throughout Australia from the tropical north to the temperate south, the industry is largely based in regional Australia and makes a significant and positive contribution to the regional development (Agriculture, 2017).
The less prawns taken from the wild and the more from aquaculture will increase number of prawns in the wild. Aquaculture will allow this to happen as it will bring the necessary levels of prawns in the wild back to normal and increase which will let the other animals that benefit from the prawns will live better. Prawns are profitable as they are sold to various countries for food as well as being sold all around Australia creating a great amount of profit.
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There are many prawn

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