The Factors That Influence The Design Process

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P1 -You must describe the factors that influence the design process. There are numerous factors that affect the design process, and how the design is produced at the end. When buildings are in process of design they must ensure that the whole building and all the process of the build follow the correct rules and regulations of legislation. There are an incredible number of enactments that influences the general outline. Such as The Disabled or Disabilities Act, this ensures that the building is accessible for wheelchairs. If they do not meet the requirements, the design process, and any other processes taking place at that time must stop immediately and carry on when the correct legislation is carried out. There are many more legislations to take into consideration these are only a couple. As you can see, legislation does influence the design process. An appraisal of the criteria for success is completed to determine whether the building process can go ahead, this is done in the design stages of the development. The main purpose for the appraisal is to assess the feasibility, this means assessing if the build is practicable. When feasibility is completed the design process can then take off, if not completed this could postpone the process, if not they will decide that the building will not proceed. Accessibility links with the previous statement above, during the design process they need to address the specific entrances and exits of the building, such as ramps for

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