The Failures Of The Public School System Essay

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The Failures of the Public School System
All across the United States, there are schools that are struggling financially and culturally due to different socio-economic challenges. Some of these challenges cannot be avoided, although many of them could be avoided. One of these problems that could be avoided is the act of institutionalized separation of rich and poor. If integration was more focused the school systems in certain parts of a city would not be understaffed and underfunded. In the documentary Waiting for Superman there were many different points made by the filmmaker that in the modern Education system people are believing that teachers are the only ones responsible for the success of their students. In the film states that people should not “wait for Superman to come to the rescue; look in the mirror. We need to understand that it is not just the schools and teachers that are accountable for students performance”. This idea can be seen not only in the film, but in Sheryll Cashin’s The Failures of Integration. A piece of literature that discusses the modern education system and the organizations within them in the United States. Waiting for Superman argues that the public school system in the United States is failing due to poor performing teachers in schools. When The Failures of Integration argues that race and socioeconomic impact is more important than the teachers in the failing schools. Schools in large city centers are failing faster than schools in

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