The Failures Of The Reagan Presidency

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Andrew Pierce
American Presidency
May 6, 2015
Professor Mark Scully
The Failures of the Reagan Presidency
President Ronald Reagan, the man who is accredited with ended the forty six year cold war was elected on Nov. 4, 1980. Reagan won his election with fifty percent of the popular vote over former President Jimmy Carter who had forty one percent. While Reagan as a president is praised for such successes as strengthening the national defense, stimulating growth in the U.S. economically, and as mentioned before he is considered the President who ended the Cold War. President Reagan had achieved many things by the end of his administration, but just as he had many successes his presidency was plagued with shortcomings and a handful of what could be considered flat out failures. The purpose of this writing is to establish and identify the ‘cons’ or failures of the Reagan administration, and provide a brief description of each different aspect of the administration.
A good place to begin would be in regards to Reagan’s administration and his communication with said administrators or better the lack thereof. President Reagan’s style of administration was regarded as a ‘hands off’ approach in which left him out of a lot the specifics in decision making other than just making the decision of yes or no to a certain degree. The reliance on his administration to make most of the decisions for him ended up creating some issues small and major such as the Iran-Contra scandal. Reagans un

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