The Fall Of Singapore : A Year Ignite Clement Chuah

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Fall of Singapore HASS 2nd Year Ignite Clement Chuah - 24 August 2015 Introduction The Fall of Singapore was considered one of the greatest defeats in the history of the British Army. It was also considered Britain 's worst defeat in World War Two. The Japanese had already taken many other countries in the Asia-Pacific region during the war but Singapore was one of the worse. This report will explain the reasons and events that led to the fall of Singapore and how it affected people around the world. Events that led up the Fall of Singapore By the end of 1941, Japan had already conquered Korea and Indonesia. If Japan wanted to expand and obtain more resources, it needed to destroy the American, British, Dutch and Australian bases that were standing in its way. On the 7 of December 1941, over 200 Japanese planes attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. The planes attacked American ships, cargo and personnel. 188 The extent of the Asia-Pacific region controlled by Japan in 1942 (5.) American planes, 19 warships and 2500 personnel were among the casualties. The attack was made to destroy all of the US’s Pacific fleet. After this event, the citizens of America supported the US President in declaring war against Japan. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan continued its attack on the Asia-Pacific region. In early 1942, japan was going to attack Singapore, which was Britain’s Far East naval base. Japanese planes attacked the Royal Australian Air force base

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