The Fall Of The House Of Usher Analysis

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Fear is a thought or idea in a person's head that grows and grows till it takes over. Fear is unexplainable people say fear is like a trigger that we hit when we see or get “frightened” of something new, something that we as human beings aren’t used to seeing or recognizing. Fear is like an illness that will never go away no matter how hard we try everybody is afraid of one thing or the other so either way we will recognize it. Like in the story “The Fall of the House of Usher” ,the Ushers are known to have a mental illness that causes them to go psychological, and crazy ideas go into their head just so they can get rid of it. “The breaking of the hermit’s door and the death cry of the dragon, and the clangor of the shield- say rather the …show more content…

Many people react differently when in front of their source of fear. They can stand up and fight, face fear, or run away. Another source where fear is overlooked would be the movie IT in the movie a group of kids are afraid because an unknown source that is terrorizing the people of their town and kids are disappearing, including the brother of a brave boy that wants to overcome this fear just so he can see his brother one last time. Now this source happens to be a clown who knows all the kid’s fears and decides to show them this, for example, a boy is afraid of clowns and IT decides to lure this boy in a room full of clown toys and another is afraid of the dead (zombies) so he is confronted by them. His group of friends are all seen as outcasts and they call themselves the loser squad, but he knows that together they aren’t afraid and can overcome any obstacle. He decides that they should find the source and or face it so that it will never come back again. It gets hard throughout the story and the thought of his brother brings him closer to bravery, he ends up facing the clown with his whole group of friends and well they beat him up. The story goes on to say that although many kids were found again and reunited his brother was gone and would not be coming back anytime soon. So although this fear was dwelling and growing in his head he wanted to do

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