The Fall of the Berlin Wall

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The Fall of the Berlin The Berlin wall is a very significant point within history. It began quickly after World War II; Berlin was separated and conquered into four different zones. Each part was owned by Great Britian, France, the United States, or the Soviet Union. Eventually three of these zones (owned by the United States, Great Britain, and France) combined to become West Germany. The Soviet Union hastily followed after these three zones but instead became East Germany. The difference between these two would be living conditions. West Germany decided to set up a capitalist society. With this new society, people living in West Germany would be able to buy appliances, gadgets, and travel. In East Germany, it was direct authority of the Soviet Union, which then established a communist country. This allowed the economy to decrease and freedom for East Germany to be sternly limited. After living in East Germany’s conditions for so long people wanted out. Thousands of people escaped to West Germany, though not all made it. East Germany had lost both its labor forces and population by the early 1950s due to many escaping. Desperately trying to keep the population of East Germany alive, they decided to construct a wall which would prevent people trying to cross the border. On August 12th, 1961 workers and soldiers came to break up the east and west once and for all. They dug holes to put up concrete posts, cut all telephone lines going to West Berlin, and hung barbed wire

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