The Fallen Brotherhood Essay

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As men fought their wars against one another, the Angels, unknown of by man, were fighting in their own war above them, in the vast sky the Angels refer to as Heaven. The Angels fought with weapons unknown to man, as they had to be powerful enough to kill an angel of Heaven. The Angels who fought for freedom, known as The Brotherhood of Angel Steel, fought against those who wanted control in Heaven, known as The Overseers. The Overseers wanted to take control of Heaven ever since God had left, while the Brotherhood wanted to keep the order of Heaven as God had left it. The Overseers were very powerful, but The Brotherhood had ways of getting around them. For centuries, the Angels fought against one another, for as long as the Overseers …show more content…

“Who are you sir? And how do you know my name?” Replied Cassander, curious of the man who approached him. “Sir, My name is Achilles, and I have come with an important message, from your father.” Said Achilles.
"What?! Tell me now sir! I need to know what my father's last words were!" yelled Cassander, curious of what the man had to say.
"Your father wanted me to tell you that he was sorry for not being there for you when you were little. As you know, He was fighting in the War between the Angels. But what you did not know was that your father was fighting for the Brotherhood, not the Overseers." explained Achilles.
"What are you talking about? My father was a good man! He would never fight against the good guys!" replied Cass.
"That's also another thing your father wanted me to tell you, the real reason why the Brotherhood is fighting against the Overseers. The Overseers are trying to become dictators over us angels. If they end up victorious, Heaven would change drastically. The Brotherhood is trying to keep that from happening. They want to restore order to Heaven, and have a strong government controlled by the people. You see, the Overseers are the bad angels, the ones trying to control everything. Your father and the rest of the brotherhood has been trying to keep you and the rest of our people safe. He believed that you were meant to end this fighting. You can accomplish great things if you try." said Achilles.
"I can’t believe

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