The Falsities Of Hedonism In The Movie Groundhog Day

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The movie Groundhog Day is about a newscaster who visits Pennsylvania to cover a story on Groundhog’s Day. He ends up getting caught in a blizzard which sends him into a time loop so he keeps reliving the same day over and over. He tries everything to get himself out of that day, he even went as extreme as trying to kill himself to see if he would still wake up the next day. When he realizes that his action have no consequences on the world around him he starts to get creative. He starts committing unethical acts, like stealing money from a bank, stealing the groundhog, and punching an insurance man in the face. This movie is all about seeking out whether doing morally right actions or morally unjust actions leads to the most pleasure. This movie can show some of the falsities of hedonism. We can prove this because Phil’s actions aren’t bringing him any happiness even if he was doing things that should bring people joy. So hedonist’s belief that happiness is the only thing matters is false because this movie shows that Phil is a pretty awful person and doesn’t experience much happiness in him life yet he would say that he lives a pretty good life. Phil’s looped life definitely included some evil pleasures, like when he was eating as much as he could, smoking, and stealing. He could do these things and feel good about it because whatever he chose to do it wouldn’t have any effect on him or the worlds around him. Continuing with hedonism and pleasures, I think that

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