The Family Of A Family

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The author interviewed a nuclear family of three. The family consists of the mother, a four-year-old son and grandfather living in the grandfather’s home. The adult family members smoke and drink alcohol, behavior lifestyles that put the family at risk. The grandfather expressed concern that his grandson not having siblings and same age role models could have negative an effect on his childhood. The author was encouraged when the family did suggest that if they considered setting up playdates and maybe getting the child involved in organized sports would be an option to solve the problem while including positive influences. The reality of some recent terrorist’s events in our geographic area of the country the entire family shares concern about attending local public school, believing homeschooling might be an alternative. The family as a unit has decided to have daily pray and support the child by the adults volunteering at the school.
Fortunately, the family as a unit provides the grocery shopping and preparation of foods. The mom does have limited ability to share in the household duties even in the kitchen because she is a paraplegic in an electric wheelchair. The author and the family discussed the need to choose healthy foods that would lend to healthy body functions including daily bowel movements and adequate water intake and urine output. This is a topic the family appears uncomfortable discussing as a group. Considering the family conversation, I believe they are
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