The Farmers Of The United States

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Before I entered this class, I took local farmers for granted. I thought all the produce in our supermarkets was from local farmers, and I thought that green markets were just another place to buy produce. This semester has opened my eyes to the issues surrounding the food we eat. Before the 1870’s canning industry, food was not shipped across the United Sates; it was consumed locally. Back then the local farmer’s had a market; with the grit in their teeth, soiled hands and pants, and their backs to the sun, the farmer knew that if they grew a certain amount of food they could take it to market and sell it for a profit. Though farmers could be content, they also knew that from every harvest a portion of crop would spoil before it reached …show more content…

Today, when I walk into a grocery stores such as Shop Rite or Path Mart, the whole store smells like a factory. I noticed what Joan Gussow was talking about when she illustrated that we need to make it a trend to pay attention to where our food comes from. When I saw products in the super market that were from the Dominican Republic, I thought to myself, these Dominicans work really hard to ship us all these tasty fruits. The life of a farmer must pay well. Most people picture the average Dominican worker on the farm, working the land, and having a cup of coffee while the are watching their little babies run around. The reality of the situation is that Dominican workers are only paid a few dollars a day; their country is starving because they are exporting their resources to other countries, instead of consuming it themselves. Now my eyes are open to how much the food supply has not changed since Gussow wrote, “A modest proposal”, in 1985. On a positive note, intellectual city dwellers are getting organized and advocating to protect the local farmer by educating the average consumer to keep these farmers in mind before he/she makes their purchase at the grocery store In this class, I learned a dirty little secret that most people do not know. I learned that small local farmer’s do not retire, which in today’s economy does not make sense. There are

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