The Fascinating Age Of Technology

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David Boswell
Mrs. Romine
Pre-Honors English
The Fascinating Age of Technology
The technology which is around almost everyone in the today’s and future society, affects both work and personal activities. Technology hold data that many would rather it didn’t have. It directs minds in great and horrible ways, and it allows people to learn information which they would otherwise not be able to learn. Even though a person doesn’t own a device or have a bank card, there is information in a system somewhere on the earth.
The modern technology which is now beginning to be shaped and secured to allow children to attain the information easier and teens in ways that allow them to construct their life plans in a more knowledgeable way. It is conflicting with our immediate future. It gives another form of communication and ability to share information that hasn’t ever been available before, data that is both good and bad. Different situations affect how happy we’re with our lives. This age of technology focuses on changing the situations to make us happier with our lives. The happier we are with our lives, the more money companies such as Apple and Microsoft make more money because we will spend more money on their products. We are basically the guinea pigs for companies like the two mentioned. We are basically on this earth to either help create a better technological development or to be the user’s that provide Apple and Microsoft with the money to create even more

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