The Fast Food Restaurant Market

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• International Lead Markets – established markets (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK). They operate within similar economic and competitive dynamics. They collectively represented 40% of the operating income in 2014.
• High Growth Markets – markets with high expansion and franchising potential (China, Italy, Poland, Russia, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands). The collectively represented 10% of the operating income in 2014.
• Foundational Markets & Corporate – remaining markets and corporate activities
In the Fast food restaurant market McDonalds can be found as the global leader due to its effectiveness responding to Porter’s five forces model inside its environment. This model is supposed to analyze the environment and identify the most relevant factors that could influence the firm’s performance, in this case the fast food restaurant industry. McDonald’s success reflects how effective the company is in overcoming issues related to its environment and how it addresses them.
As mentioned before, McDonalds competes in the restaurant industry, in the IEO segment, which stands for Informal Eating Out. This segment has different categories like, casual dining full service, self service cafeterias, quick-serving eating establishments, coffee shops, cafes, street stalls, smoothie bars, and takeaway providers. (
Threat of Substitutes : This particular force is considered to be from a moderate to a high level of
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