The Fat Kid By Berry College

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To Publish the “Fat Kid” Poem Berry College identifies itself as a “liberal arts institution with Christian values that emphasizes its focus on their students’ intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth while challenging them to use their learning toward community and civic betterment.” As one means to develop their students’ knowledge, Berry College gives students the opportunity to submit pieces of high literary merit to Ramifications, a literary magazine that displays the art and literature composed by Berry students. This outlet for the students’ intellectual creativity is an important aspect to the liberal arts principles but has given rise to some people questioning the guidelines for allowing a work to be published. A specific poem in question for publication is the untitled poem about a “fat kid” that provokes controversy because of its frequent use of profanity and the grotesque depiction of bullying. Despite the controversy surrounding this poem, it should be published in Ramifications because it is not only of high literary merit, but it depicts bullying in such a way that discourages the act while simultaneously creating awareness of the issue.
Before publishing any works of literature or art, the Ramifications lets members of the Berry community—professors and students-- come to review the work. Typically the editos will leave the poem or image in their office for several days allowing it to accumulate enough reviews to elucidate the opinions of the Berry

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