The Father Of Modern Genetics

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Gregor Mendel, “The Father of Modern Genetics”
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I was intrigued when I came upon Gregor Mendel while searching for a Scientist to do this research paper on. His name was familiar to me from somewhere, but I had absolutely no idea who he was. This is what made me want to choose him. And I couldn’t have picked a better person to be honest, what this man did is fascinating. Known as the “father of modern genetics,” Gregor was able to redefine what we knew about genetics. His study of heredity was fundamental to everything that what we know about genetics today. Through simple but very time-consuming experiments, during the course of many years, Mendel was able to really understand what heredity was. From his early life as a farmer and monk; all of his achievements through experiments with genetics; major works that really changed the worlds view of genetics; and the legacy that he was able to build and leave behind after his later years. Gregor Mendel truly is, “The Father of Modern Genetics.” Johann, later to change his name to Gregor, was born July 22nd of the year 1822. He was the middle child of Veronica Mendel, and Theresia Mendel. His parents Anton and Rosine Mendel were farmers in what was then Heinzendorf, Austria. They had that farm passed down from many generations, so Johann was destined to carry on the farm. He worked as a beekeeper, but also loved to work in the garden, which really helped him fall in love with Biological science. He loved his family,

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