The Father Of The Detective Story

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“The Father of the Detective Story”: How Edgar Allan Poe Developed and Influenced the Detective Fiction Genre Edgar Allan Poe has become a household name in the literary world. His unique writing style has earned him much-deserved respect and recognition. Poe 's poetry and short story oeuvre follows a consistent, melancholy theme of death and darkness that has captured and haunted readers for years (Baym, et al. 683). Perhaps his most legendary contribution to literature is his creation of the enticing genre of detective fiction. Dubbed the “Father of the Detective Story” (Baym, et al. 683), Poe is credited with inventing the world of murder mysteries and amateur sleuths, thus paving the way for future classic characters such as Sherlock Homes and Hercule Poirot. Because the idea of detective fiction had not yet been explored in the 17th century, Poe 's writing style, themes, and characters became models from which his successors would claim their stardom. Arther Conan Doyle said, “Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the life into it?” Doyle, author of the classical Sherlock Holmes series, is one of many writers whom looked to Edgar Allan Poe for inspiration. Doyle 's character, Holmes, is actually molded from Poe 's original detective, C. Auguste Dupin (Thomas). In closely observing both Poe and Doyle 's works, the likeness of their two detective characters becomes clear. Dupin and Holmes are extremely similar in their personalities and crime-solving
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