The Fault Of Our Education

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Chad White
Prof. Combs
English 102
The Fault in our Education
It is has come to the attention of American society that our education compared to other countries is very lackluster and needs several changes. Among these issues that cause poor scores such as: corporate Americas agenda, child poverty rates and their correlation to grades and students happiness as well as the correlation between the two. It was found that several sources written by worthy and knowledgeable authors such as James Hollenbeck and his co-authors professors at Indiana university and Levinsky college of education who wrote “A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF ISRAELI AND UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TEACHER TRAINERS ON SOCKETT’S FOUR MODELS OF TEACHER EDUCATION”. within this research paper the economy and its relation to the American education system will be explained. The American education system must change if we want a better world and we can learn a lot from the countries in the world such as Korea and how Israel is so highly ranked despite having such a poor economy due to the location of where they live. These points show that the American education system isn’t effective and needs to be reworked.
To start since many people who went to school can remember America has been industrial thus was the job most people worked until recently (insert information about the decrease in manufacturing jobs). These jobs not needing to be filled and being seen as lackluster and strenuous are disliked by many children
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