The Features Of A Relational Database

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P1 Explain the features of a relational database.
Introduction: A company called Ian’s & Co currently employs a team of IT technicians to manage their IT infrastructure and also support the IT users. Also quite recently the company has taken over a similar but a smaller company which is also employs technical support staff in the same way.
What is a relational database?
Firstly a relational database contains a set of tables which basically are linked collectively by the relationships between the tables. Also it is also known as reason such as a database is called relational database.
The purpose of relational database for Ian’s & Co:
Secondly the purpose of a database for Ian’s & Co is that basically you can make a lot of queries, forms, tables, and also even reports so that the users can basically report hardware trouble across the two cite. Secondly the company Ian’s and Co will also need desk that are also linked to other desks so that they can keep an eye on the hardware that are having quite a few problems , in addition this will progress the service which is provided to the users and also to make sure the service is operated in an efficient way.
What is an entity?
Firstly an entity is basically an entity of significance which data must be captured; also there are some examples of entities such as stock supplier and order. Furthermore in relational databases every entity is usually kept in a separate table. Also I have to make sure that put the employee details,
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