The Federal Government

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The main role of the federal government is to protect the citizen’s whether it is protecting their rights or the well-being of the citizen’s. Those are just a few roles of the government but that is not all, the government has many duties in several different sectors. The federal government faces challenging obstacles each day, especially dealing with foreign personnel hacking into their confidential systems. By exposing important data and other information not only can put the United States as a whole in jeopardy, but the people who live in the United States would be affected as individuals too. Since such information is on file it is crucial that it be protected, in order to do so the best technology and employees are needed to ensure so. The Office of Personnel Management manages all polices that are created to support Federal human resources department (Gallagher). The OPM also oversees the classification and qualification systems to hiring authorities along with the performance management to pay, leave, and benefits (Gallagher). Along with making such policies, OPM is responsible for ensuring that the policies are properly implemented and continue to be correctly carried out afterwards (Gallagher). Within the Office of Personnel Management the agency upholds information such as social security numbers, addresses, health history, financial history along with other “sensitive information” from people in and outside of the government (Gallagher). Since the OPM contains
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