The Federalist Papers By John Jay

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The Federalist Papers Essay The Federalist Papers written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were wrote to convince the people of the states that the newly written constitution would be a vastly better system of government than the articles of confederation, and that the states should ratify it. The purpose of Federalist Paper No. 51 is to inform the reader of safeties created by the constitutional convention to maintain separate branches of government, and to protect the rights of the citizens and of the United States. The authors of the Federalist Papers; James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton were all federalists. James Madison was a Virginian political theorist. Madison is known as the father of the constitution because he attended the constitutional convention and drafted the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton, born in the British West Indies, was another founding father like James Madison. Hamilton helped create the Federalist Party and pushed for a stronger national government. John Jay was born in New York City. A founding father like the other authors, Jay was involved in the American government or politics almost his entire life. Together these three men wrote the 85 essays released to public known as The Federalist Papers. Federalist Paper #51 was wrote by James Madison. In the beginning of the essay Madison addresses the citizens of New York and explains the purpose of the essay. He explains that there needs to be
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