The Feminist Critique Of The Dominant Social Scientific Approaches

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3) What are the contributions of Smith and Collins to the feminist critique of the dominant social scientific approaches? Sociology, its thoughts it methods, conceptual schemes and theories have been based on and built up within the male social universe, even when women have participated in its doing. There is thus a disjunction between how women experience the world and the concepts and theoretical schemes by which society’s self-consciousness is inscribed. The worlds of men have had and still have an authorit over the worlds that are tradionatlly womens and still are predominately womens [the worlds of house hold, children, the neighborhood]. Women do not only in habit these worlds but the mast majority of women are the primary ground of our lives, shaping its discourse and our partiication in other relations. It’s a man worlds, and even womens studies are through the mens eyes. Objectifieid knowledge governs our ociety. Our universe has been grounded in a man experience. Thus sociology is organized in terms of a perspective on the world. A view from the top with takes for granted the pragmatic procedures that frame and identify the subject matter. So experiences are ‘administrative relevent’ rather than being seen through the experience of those who live them [not nautral]. Sociologist enter into the society the are investigating. Their perspectives and interest may differ but the stubsance is the same. Smith states the two modes of knowing and experiencing and
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