The Field Of Pediatrics Is A Good Person

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It can be hard for a teen to understand their changing body and it can be hard to talk to their parents so they need someone else to talk to. A pediatrician is a good person to talk to because they are experiencing with this kind of thing and like parents, they only have the child 's best interests at heart. They should be professional and caring when they are dealing with patients or other people in the workplace. The working conditions are favorable and the salary is high. It was fun to learn new interesting things about being a pediatrician. There are many skills that people learn or have in the career. It requires about eleven years of school and most people get their M.D. There are many things that are important in this line of …show more content…

It is a well-paying job. The on average starting salary is $135,000 and normally that number will increase by 12% making the salary $156,000. The salary normally increases the longer a person works. It is a fairly decent job. There many interesting things to know being a pediatrician. There are thirty-three different types of pediatricians. They range any from general pediatricians to a child neurologist. They treat every aspect of a youth’s health. One of their main goals in their line of work is preventative care. “Pediatricians have a part in actively eradicating the world of deadly diseases. Many of these diseases targeted children and young adults in the past. With the help of vaccines, they prevent children from ever having to experience these diseases.” ( . It is possible for a child to have the same pediatrician for their whole childhood. It is one of the unique aspects of being a pediatrician. They are able to watch and experience the patient as they develop their personalities and become independent. Pediatricians need a lot of skills and education to do this job properly. The skills I have that I need for this job are reading comprehension, active listening, writing, Speaking, critical thinking, active learning, science, learning strategies, mathematics, and monitoring. These skills are necessary for the success of this job. The skills I need to learn or build upon are diagnosing diseases and disorders, giving

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