The Field Of The Investigative Journalism

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In this article, Bourdieu proposes that the television has impacted the journalistic field in a wider and strong way that other cultural transformations did before within the cultural field. Doing so, says Bourdieu, television and journalistic field have also triggered transformations in other fields upon which journalism has an impact. As it is performed, the journalistic field tends to reinforce the economic (commercial) field instead of the pure one. Following Bourdieu, the journalistic field was settled during the 19th Century through the opposition between the sensationalist newspapers and the analytical or serious newspapers (p. 4). Additionally, the article is helpful for my final project because it sketches ways to measure the autonomy of the journalistic field (p. 4). Bourdieu’s contribution to journalism studies is helpful to explore and analyze the Chilean journalistic field, particularly the sub-field of the investigative journalism, as I propose. Bourdieu says that his intention is not to point out who and how are responsible or guilty about the state of the French journalistic field by his time, but rather to provoke a critical self-consciousness among journalists and promote larger freedom for them and other cultural producers. 7. Bourdieu, P. (2005). The political field, the social science field, and the journalistic field. In Benson and Neveu (eds.) Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field. Malden MA: Polity Press. p. 29-47. 8. Brunner, J.J. (2008). Sociología
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