The Fifth Wave Analysis

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Good morning and welcome to my lecture! Today we will be comparing and contrasting two great examples of modern Young Adult literature.

All writers have a distinctive literary style and use of descriptive language. This can allow them to manipulate their audiences and associate emotions to their characters. This can influence a reader to feel sympathy, hatred, or anything else the author desires, therefore creating a more vivid and enjoyable tale.
This essay will explore this by comparing and contrasting two Young Adult literature pieces; “The Fifth Wave”, by Rick Yancey, and “The Maze Runner”, by James Dashner.
“The Fifth Wave” is set in a world in which an alien species known as the ‘Others’ came to Earth with the intent to wipe them out through 5 phases, with the final still to come. The story begins with a survivor of the first four waves, Cassie, being separated from her family and going on an adventure with the mysterious Evan. Meanwhile, Ben, another survivor, finds himself enrolled in a military program to defend the Earth against the Others under the squad name Zombie. But when he realises that his aim is to set to friendly survivors rather than aliens, as he’s been told, and his military superiors are in fact not what they seem, he and his troop go rogue and seek answers. James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner” tells the story of Thomas, who awakens with no
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He has written 15 novels and 1 memoir. His novel “The Fifth Wave” was one of the most awarded books of 2015, being a New York Times bestseller, winning the Red House children’s book award, and being voted best book for teens and Young Adults by Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Slate and the Washington Post among other notable awards. James Dashner is from Austell, Georgia, and is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. He has written 19 novels, winning awards such as the 2008 Whitney award, 2011 ALA Best fiction for Young Adults, and 2012 Young Reader’s choice
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