The Fight For Justice Marks A Long Sequence Of Events Towards Their Freedom

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One of the biggest problems Africans Americans faced in America is Segregation, discrimination, racism and prejudice. Their fight for justice marks a long sequence of events towards their freedom. Race according to the New Webster’s Dictionary is a division of mankind based on skin color, hair texture, facial makeup etc in a group or class. Racism can be traced back to the beginning of history. It has went beyond individual discrimination and stretched as far as institutional racism and linguistic profiling. Institutional racism occurs when racism is supported by governmental policies and laws. Linguistic profiling has not yet been recognized as a form of racial discrimination however, cases such as Johnson v. Jensen have been bought to …show more content…

Perhaps, the lady suggested that I was from England. I assumed this because when I spoke to her over the phone she expressed that I needed to bring my documents that will allow me to begin my paper work to start work as soon as possible. The phone interview went well and she told me that I would be hired. When I showed up with my documents, well dressed and ready to start this new job I was told upon meeting her that the position was taken.
This incident is similar to that of James Johnson because he was perceived to be of another race because of the way he spoke. When facing the person who made this perception, and them realizing that their assumption was wrong, something changed. In my case I was not hired and was too young to know that this could have been a form of discrimination. In Mr. Johnson experience he knew what went wrong and he bought the case to court.
On the other hand, author Michael Brand points out the defendant’s argument stating that they had no idea Johnson was black (Walters K., Brody M., 2005 Pg. 294). “Having only heard Johnson’s voice, they couldn’t have discriminated against him on the basis of his race. Race, after all, is something one sees, not hears” (Walters K., Brody M. Pg 294). Although, not allowing Mr. Johnson to rent the apartment and the reason as to why the supervisor in the supermarket did not hire me, the situation felt questionable,. I was hired on the phone but when

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