The Filippino Street Children

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The Filippino Street Children: A Constructivist and Behavioral Analysis Introduction: Right now there are millions of children all over the world running around playing games of tag, engrossing themselves in intense video games, or using their time to bury their noses in a book. Very few of these children, and their parents for that matter, realize just how privileged they are to live in communities here these activities are available and acceptable. In some areas of the world the children live amongst the garbage, have never seen a video game, and struggle to make enough money for survival. The problems lead to physical, sexual and substance abuse, criminal activity and homelessness. The Philippines is one of these places. The issues related to street children are some of the largest struggles of the Philippines; about 1.5 million adolescences survive on handouts and trash (Cullen, 2005). They are often subject to violence from parents as well as public officials. Frequently they come caught up in drug abuse and sales, prostitution, and other illegal activities in an attempt to survive their conditions. Nutrition is a foreign concept as the children struggle to find food of any type and in any condition. The nature and complexity of these struggles are key components to understanding how these atrocities can be abated. From plentiful research comes a clearer understanding of the situation, followed by an exploration of key points and finally a proposal for furthering

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