The Film Rocky Horror Picture Show The Character Dr. Frank O ' Brien Essay

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In the film Rocky Horror Picture Show the character Dr. Frank-N-Furter sings the words, “So I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptom” (O’Brien). In this cult classic musical written by Richard O’Brien follows a newly engaged couple through a sexual journey as they lose their innocence and start to conform to traditional gender stereotypes. Today the youth of America are being bombarded with conflicting ideas about gender, race and sex. These conflicting ideas can lead to skewed visions on what defines masculinity and furthermore what defines femininity. Furthermore, sexual assault on college campuses by men and particularly student athletes have come to the forefront of many news headlines in recent years and while some believe that sexual assault stems from “locker room culture”, rather it stems from a skewed sense of masculinity that has been created over the years of consuming media. Many try to educate these same men on what defines consent and how to properly act in sexual situations, but this is merely trying put a temporary solution on a much larger issue. If people wanted the systemic issue of sexual assault to be reduced, then the root cause must be removed. A twisted view of masculinity is the root cause of many sexual assault because a twisted view of masculinity causes unhealthy understanding of sexuality and consent. Three main terms will be used in this essay and require a definition as to avoid confusion. Masculinity is defined by Merriam-Webster as,

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