The Final Project For World History

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Final Project for World History Throughout the development and colonization of America, there were a lot of changes that affected Native American, Africans, and women. Within this paper, I will attempt to provide some insight and bring to light some of the changes and how they affected the folks involved. As the New World grew and colonized the rights of all were not equal or fair. Native Americans were focused on their homes to provide the New World. While Africans were kidnapped and focused into slave labor to provide economic growth for the New World. During this time women were always seen as a lower class citizen, not allowed any say in the way the colony was governed or grew. All of these minorities fought from the beginning of …show more content…

As the colonies continued to expand, in 1830 President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal act. This act granted Indians rights to the unsettled land out west in exchange for the tribe settlement land along the east coast, mostly Southeast, to continue to grow the colony. This basically allowed the English to push the Indians off their tribal land so the English could colonize the property for a growth of the New World. Even though the Indians were moved they never stopped fighting the English for their rights and land. Even today there are still tribes and Indians are trying to maintain and keep the Indian land/grounds sacred and among the Indians. The Indians gain equality over the years, but the fact that so much of the history and land were stolen so long ago, the Indians have never felt they were truly equal and reimbursed for all that was taken from them. The Africans, on the other hand, were also forced from their homes and into slave labor. The English captured Africans bringing them to the New World on the Middle Passage. The Africans were brought to the New World as a form free labor to help build the colonies. The English did use the Indians for labor, but found it hard to work with them and they were susceptible to illness and were not as strong as the Africans. The Africans suffered through sickness and lack of understanding secondary to the language barriers with the English. They also had problems

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