The Final Record On Cage The Elephant’S 2013 Album Melophobia

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The final record on Cage the Elephant’s 2013 album Melophobia is not only thought provoking, but extremely deep and depressing. At first, I believed this song was about love lost. A five second part of the video at the end completely changed my analysis and made me understand what is truly going on. I believe this song is a deep reflection of how tough it was to be away from his girlfriend, Juliette Buchs, in a long distance relationship. Matt Schultz, the lead singer, talked about his long term girlfriend being French. Now his wife, this was a reflection on how painful it was to be away from her, but it is all conquered now. Innocence and happiness are shown in the intro to set the tone for the video. Happiness for Juliette, and innocent…show more content…
Juliette smiles, and as the lyrics say “baby face” her younger image is shown again. The following lull of Schultz sweetly singing “do do do do do do” gives a thought to the viewer that this situation is not entirely bad, that happiness is there, and is just covered with pain. The chorus begins. Schultz uses the chorus to sum everything up that is happening between the two. Cage the Elephant is seen walking in suits in a tunnel as “You can drive all night, looking for answers in the pouring rain” is sung. Schultz is conveying with these lyrics that he searches for an answer, but he cannot take the struggle away. Rain symbolizes utter pain and sadness, and driving symbolizes deep thought. In the chorus Juliette seems to be searching for Schultz. It is as if she looks all over for him. She is seen driving, as the lyrics suggest, and at two minutes-thirty seconds she turns over her shoulder the same way one would to pass someone on a highway. Her face is full of despair, certainly she is looking for Matt to be there behind her. He is not behind her; he is across the world. Exactly two seconds after Juliette turns around Schultz is shown underneath a bridge making the exact same turning motion. This is an extremely profound way to show they both are constantly yearning and searching for the other, even when they know the other is not there. Juliette is then shown running up a hill, a symbol that she is trying to run towards him,

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