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Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp, and Jason Cropper formed the alternative rock group known as Weezer in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. The band went through several names before lead singer Rivers Cuomo christened the band as Weezer after his childhood nickname due to his asthma. The original lineup did not last long; after much shuffling around, the members today are Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner. The band includes typical instruments of the alternative rock sound, including guitar (Rivers Cuomo—lead), bass (Scott Shriner), drums (Patrick Wilson), and vocals (Rivers Cuomo—lead). The backups include guitar (Brian Bell) and vocals (all members). Influences on Rivers include big names in the music …show more content…

All three of these songs were singles included on the first album. While mainly known for their incredible music, Weezer also created interesting music videos to accompany their sounds. In the music video for Buddy Holly (notably, the music video that is considered to be the primary impetus for their widespread fame and success), the viewer is completely transported back to the set of Happy Days, right in the middle of Arnold’s diner. Along with the song being particularly catchy, this set was a smart move on their part, because they brought a certain familiarity and understanding to the masses: people knew and loved Happy Days, and so this leap backwards in time as well as a catchy, well-written musical accompaniment made for a very tangible, realistic context for the song. The music video for Undone—The Sweater Song, then, provides an interesting juxtaposition to the images of Buddy Holly, in that it portrays something very realistic, but in a very different way. On a stage, in front of a blue background, the entire band is seen performing the song whilst dogs run about, and a few of the band members even take to the floor with the dogs. In this situation, the viewer is also subjected to a very real situation, but this one is more real in terms of the feelings and thoughts of Cuomo. Just as this song is presented as a chaotic “stream-of-consciousness”, so too does this chaos and confusion …show more content…

This song particularly is confusing in its general direction and message, but perhaps that is what makes it so tangible and why Weezer was so successful. It is relatable in that it is not an ethereal, untouchable piece of art, but still art in its’ own right, because Weezer plays it close to the vest by presenting the song more as a stream of consciousness; both jumbled and erratic; as opposed to a finely-tuned, edited entertainment

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