The Final Version Of The Track

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That is in no doubt well companioned by the player gracefully flying about the mountaintop and their sense of freedom as they head towards the summit. Wintory admits that he and everyone involved in the creation of the theme struggled with it. He at first wanted it to seem exceptionally surreal, with the inclusion of a heavenly choir, but quickly abandoned that approach. Instead he tried for a extremely aggressive and fast paced score, “something with the adrenaline of soaring through the skies”. But again he felt that too fell flat due to the feeling of emotional manipulation. Finally he just decided to compose an abstract idea of what he felt it should be and came up with the final version of the track (Journey). The final version of …show more content…

This is no different for the game Journey and the emotional response it has gotten from its audience (Coplan). They have a fondness for the game based not only on its visuals and soundtrack, but its story as well. The entire aspect of the game is about the journey the player takes as they explore and travel through the world towards their objective. The story is entirely open to interpretation as to what they are seeing in the game, what the purpose of the journey is. Baudelaire claims an artist is a person of the world. That they are driven by curiosity. “Finally he hurls himself headlong into the midst of the throng, in pursuit of an unknown, half-glimpsed countenance that has, on an instant, bewitched him. Curiosity has become a fatal, irresistible passion” (7 Baudelaire). Those most who play the game travel alone, players are given the option to connect through the Internet with others who also wish to go on the journey. However, the players that are synced up can only communicate through glyphs, a sort of tone. They also cannot see each other’s screen names. Nonetheless the players bond with each other as they go through the game. Many who have played also discuss online about the game’s story, connecting with others over their shared theories. Most of the discussion is geared towards the few cutscenes in the game. Referred to the game’s composer as ‘visions’, they show pieces of the story and past of the

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