The Financial Goals Of The Business

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and preferred customers needed to meet the financial goals of the business. Casper was the youngest and the best front office manager that worked for Japes whom he promoted from a supervisor 's position during these early years. He was a young college graduate that had exceptional skills with the customer and was organized. Japes promoted Casper to front office manager, as the service scores were the highest they had ever been. Japes took him under his wing and coached him as best he could on how to manage the staff. Casper looked like a big Pillsbury Dough Boy and was a server that wanted to please. Japes, taking from his past, played a few rounds of golf with Casper and they built a good relationship. In a short time Casper had built a …show more content…

Her posterior would be classified a ten out of ten on the callipygous scale. Although Roach pursued Slinky with the zeal of a bee going for its honey he was unsuccessful. He did, however, make headway with a twenty two-year-old blonde bombshell named Tena. Roach 's demise came just one month after hooking up with the bombshell. He bragged amongst his peers of his conquest, and the young lady 's great ability in the boudoir. The young girl, feeling betrayed and humiliated dropped a dime on the server to the corporate offices informing them that he used hotel funds from his bank for personal reasons. Japes’ was forced to audit his bank and found there were hundreds of dollars missing. When confronted Roach admitted he borrowed money from his bank to pay for dates with Tena. This was a direct violation of all policies, and the poor server had to find another job, and maybe just maybe he would learn to keep his mouth shut.
The highlight of the early years was a distinguished award called The Superior Hotel Award. This recognition was given to one hundred hotels throughout the system, which included four thousand hotels worldwide. The recognition was not only for the outstanding service provided by the staff but also for the cleanliness of the hotel and the fine appointment of the facility. The prominent players on the management staff that made this possible included Throwback and Casper.

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