The First Airborne Jamming Test

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These developments in radar prompted experiments to find whether or not ITS transmission could be denied or defeated. The first airborne jamming test took place in London and involved a continuous wave transmitter. Following this test, anti-jamming systems were attached to the direction finding systems which then evolved into the Chain Home radar system along the eastern coast of the U.K. These anti-jamming systems were the first examples of electronic counter counter-measures which is now a sub-category of electronic warfare called electronic protection. (price 9-10). The United States conducted similar experiments and prior to entering the Second World War, the United States Navy possessed radar, high frequency direction finding systems and anti-jamming devices.
Throughout the year of 1940, the Germans and the British conducted a series of back and forth electronic attacks and counterattacks AFFECTING the German’s ability to bomb Britain during the night with low visibility. The German’s employed various radio-technologies to acquire night-bombing capabilities where they could intersect two transmitted radio-waves that followed the correct flight path in order to ensure the German pilots could maintain a continuous course. The German’s even used the British’s own Chain Home defense as reference points during this evolution. The UK would continually modify their systems and employ electronic warfare tactics to jam the German’s beams.

The British continued to modify

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