The First Female Prime Minister

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The first female Prime minister is elected in Britain, in 1979. Her name is Margaret Thatcher. She serves three consecutive terms until the year 1990. When in office, she begins to enact strict and conservative laws and policies among the middle and lower population of Britain, therefore single handedly destroying Britain’s manufacturing industry, leading to mass unemployment. Conservatives keep cutting back on necessities to meet tax demands, under her watch and say; which led up to the introduction of a new poll tax, sparking riots and protests across the country. Singers and songwriters from Britain begin to pay attention to the damage caused by the PM, inspiring angry music backlashing at her actions. Margaret Thatcher’s policies on factories and the workers, free milk, and poll taxes, led to mass unemployment, which caused an uproar of social disapproval, and was expressed in punk and new wave music in the 1980s. Thatcher’s approach to “handling” the people of Britain and the socioeconomic, impacted the country socially and politically through devastating effects had on the public and music in the 80s. In 1981 to 1983, Margaret Thatcher brought on the worst economic recession in Great Britain, since the 1930s. This is because, Thatcher saw miners and factory workers as the “enemies within” (Britain), destroying one fifth (⅕) of industrial bases, doubling unemployment; under Thatcher’s iron rule, employment in the manufacturing industry fell from 7.1 million in 1974 to
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