What Role did Thatcherism Play in Reshaping the Economic Structure of England?

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The chief reason is because she became the first woman to be elected as Prime Minister of England. She was elected as Prime Minister in 1979-1990.. Until that time, although England was led by queens, the prime minister position in England was only held by men. Margaret changed all of that and won by a landslide. In this essay we will discuss 1) brief history of the life of Margaret Thatcher and 2)the concept called Thatcherism named after her 3) and the role that Thatcherism played in reshaping the economic structure of England.

Born October 13, 1925 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Margaret Hilda Roberts, was the daughter to Alfred Roberts and Beatrice Ethel, owners of two grocery stores. Her father Alfred was very involved with politics and held many positions such as the local pastor, and served as an alderman. Her father was even the Mayor in 1945-1946. Margaret attended Huntingtower Road Primary School where she received a scholarship to Kestevan and Grantham Girls’ school. Her diligence in the classroom showed on her reports and she was very well rounded from other activities she participated in at school. Later, Margaret applied to Somerville College, Oxford in which she graduated with high honours with Chemistry Bachelor of Science degree. While Oxford University, in 1946, she became president of the Oxford University Conservative Association. Much, if not all of her political views were…
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