The First Global Civilization : The Rise And Spread Of Islam

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Chapter 6: The First Global Civilization: The Rise and Spread of Islam


Muslims believed in Allah. This was their God. They only believed in Allah.
Muslim’s biggest rivals were Christians.
In the seventh century, Muhammed controlled several empires, including Persia, Greece, and Egypt. These empires took him decades to acquire, however.
Empires were beginning to spread to places like:
-Africa, Asia and Southern Europe.
-Central Asia, Western Asia and Southern Asia.
-They also spread to some trade routes. The trade routes included ones in South Asia and Eastern Africa.
Muslim merchandisers did a lot of work with people from other countries/regions.
They were relied on to bring food and other crops/items into the country.
Most Muslims were scholars and had a huge understanding of the Islamic religion.
The arabic language later became the official language of the Islamic people.
They read the Qur 'an. This is their holy book.


The geography of a desert town was very unbearable. It was very unlikely that you would see any children being born in a desert town, mostly because of that heat. Too hot for basically anyone to be living there.
Bedouin: The Bedouin people were a nomadic group that lived and still do live in the Arabian desert today.
The Mecca: The Mecca was a huge area that was used for commerce in the Arabian community.
The Medina town: Medina was a town that was located
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