The Five Causes Of War And Conflict In Africa

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The key obstacle to OBOR in Africa is the state of constant warfare experienced throughout the continent. For as far as can be remembered, war and conflicts have burdened Africa's development. The five types of conflicts that have afflicted Africa include anti-colonial, imperial, international, inter-state and intra-state conflicts. Up to today, many countries in Africa have experienced/are experiencing wars of "regime change" with the Democratic Republic of Congo being a perfect case study, as well as the "War of Devolution" of Greater Sudan that led to the North and South divide. As time passed, South Sudan has also started experiencing its own internal war in what was called "inter-communal insurrection". In addition, African states such…show more content…
As a result, governmental leaders have witnessed opposition by civil society groups to various infrastructural projects which were perceived to have negative effects on the community. In Kenya, for instance, the government had to compensate millions of dollars to communities affected by the standard gauge railway line so that the project can begin. In other instances, the project had to be put on hold by the courts until appropriate reparation has been carried out. In another example, environmentalists took the government to court in protest of the railway line that will cut through the Nairobi National Park, arguing it will adversely affect the natural habitat of wildlife within the park. While the project will likely continue, civil society in Kenya and many other African countries is an obstacle to overcome, especially by Chinese firms who might be encountering this for the first time. These potential backlashes will increase project expenses, and might potentially lengthen the duration of implementation if court appearances and consultations with the communities involved are required. Nevertheless, the fact that Egypt and Djibouti, the other two African countries currently in OBOR, have not experienced such opposition from civil society is
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