The Five Characteristics Of An Innovator

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The history of innovations traces back to the origin of the earth, and since then it has been evolving from day to day. The number of innovations and new ideas developed in this world is countless, and therefore it is not quantifiable. However, some changes keep occurring each day which is used to establish projects and businesses that help in shaping the life of humanity. Many significant changes were delivered in the past by some great visionary entrepreneurs. The basis of business in this world is the diversity of innovation that creates a difference in the type of goods available within the different geographical locations. This paper mainly focuses on the five characteristics of an innovator: such as associating, questioning, …show more content…

This gave him the thought o one sound system that could craft the optimal experience of the music and sound. The idea developed in his mind and grew to the concept for hearable. He thought of creating some headphones that would improve the listening experience. He went on to share the thought with a fellow executive producer who was his friend, and through this efforts, he joined the prolific technology entrepreneurs Fritz Lawman. It was through this collaboration and involvement with the other members in the field that made Kraft come up with the wireless ear bud innovation.
Kraft’s innovation was triggered by the thought of changing the experience and improves the efficiency of the reception of his production by the audience. He realized that the sound did not reach to the public with the same quality as it was produced due to the different interference effects. Therefore sharing this idea with Fritz created a challenge on how to modify the reception of the sound. The result was the development of the wireless ear bud device which gained acceptance amongst many people in the society. Since then the product has evolved tremendously, and the technology has grown into a big corporation where Kraft works as the Chief executive officer.
Noah Kraft is a rookie building new and ambitious technologies. In June 2016 in San Francisco Noah and his team unveiled a wireless ear bud that lets one listen to music just like the earphones. His project is called HERE ONE,

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