Crime Classification: The Five Different Types Of Crime

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Crime Classification
Iliana Clark
American InterContinental University

This essay will explain the five different types of crime. These include: Crimes against persons, Crimes against property, and Crimes of public morality, White-collar crimes and Cyber crimes. Statistics show that we are likely to be a victim of one of these crimes. This essay will explain each crime and their differences, providing a definition by category of crime. They are many types of crimes but I will be giving you two examples that fall into each category.

Crime Classification Crimes against people come in different forms; each belongs to a category. Crimes against persons are crimes that are violent in nature. While crimes against property involves the taking of property or money. Then, we have crimes of public morality; these are usually victimless crimes, meaning there is no true victim of the crime. Many scams and frauds fall into the white-collar crime, to include schemes and tax evasion. Finally, crimes that are committed with the use of a computer and/or various forms of technology are called cyber crimes. This essay will explain the different categories of crimes and give a true meaning by type of crime.
Crimes Against the Person The term “Crimes Against the Person” refers to a broad array of criminal offenses, which usually involve bodily harm, the threat of bodily harm, or other actions committed against the will of an

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