The Fondest Memories Of My Childhood

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The good old days, the days of being an innocent child without limits with care free attitude. My childhood, for the most part, consisted of intrepid adventures and endless hours of fun spent exploring and making huts in behind the family house. These were the times that I shall never forget for they will be forever ingrained in me for eternity. As a child, the world felt small and insignificant, all I knew was that I was living it up like another child on the block, free to do whatever we wanted, free from the pressures of society. These were the innocent days. The fondest memories of my childhood were the times spent exploring the back paddock behind my old house. It was like stepping into another realm, a place that was our own little hidden gem, like a secret garden that we could escape to at anytime. It was quite fascinating watching the seasons pass by, the autumn leaves shimmering brightly upon the sweet ambient embrace of the sun. When spring rolled around wild rabbits pounce about, quite inquisitive animals they were with their stout noses, mischievously pondering about with a great deal of vigilance. The miserable winter plight brought about an unforgiving chill that made the hairs on your skin stand up on end. A shallow frost covered the ground turning the place into our own little winter wonderland, the first speckles of the sun glistening upon the humble earth. On the break of summer, the sweet melody of songbirds echoed around in upheaving harmony. It was

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