The Food Desert Dilemma Aid

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The Policy Food desert dilemma aid will soon come to a local neighborhood. Madison Park Development Corporation is using HFFI financing to broaden the 8,500 square- foot Tropical Foods Supermarket into a full- sized 30,000 square- foot supermarket in Roxbury (Healthy Food Access). The expansion aim is to bring a seriously needed supermarket to Roxbury, provide full- time jobs to local residents, and act as a catalyst for future commercial development in the Dudley Square commercial center (Healthy Food Access). Why it works The supermarket expansion is an excellent idea. For decades, public and private disinvestment has left low- income neighborhoods with limited options. Neighborhoods contain abandoned grocery stores. Fast…show more content…
Increasing healthy food availability in lacking communities advances the well-being of the community (Huffington Post). Well- being is improved through better health outcomes. Produce consumption increases 32 % for African Americans for every additional supermarket in a census tract (Food Trust). In low- income neighborhoods predominantly composed of people of color which also lack access to healthy food, childhood obesity in adults is prevalent. Obesity affects 40% of adults and 33 % of children (Saelens et al., 2012). More than half of Latino/ African American children are obese (Saelens et al., 2012). While 31 % of White people live in a supermarket tract, only 8 % of African Americans do as well (Food Trust). Access to healthy food is a crucial influence in a person’s weight. Decreases in diet related diseases is seen with closer proximity to produce and fresh food. Research shows that children who live in neighborhoods with both healthy food access and safe play spaces are 56 % less likely to be obese than children in neighborhoods without (Saelens et al., 2012). Potential Opposition Opponents of the supermarket expansion might argue that the expansion will put specialty family stores out of business. Consumers prefer traveling to one location rather than several to retrieve items. Supermarkets contain a variety of items, from fresh produce and flowers to bathroom

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