The Food Of A Food Desert Essay

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Some of the deadliest places when left stranded without proper supplies are deserts. The most popular ones are the Sahara, Arabian, Mojave, and Food. Food? Yes, as much as people say that’s nonsense, a food desert is an occurring anomaly that impacts many people around the world, and in the United States. A food desert is a place where people do not have access to natural healthy food, however they do have access to cheap unhealthy food. Those areas today tend to be densely populated urban communities that again do not have immediate access to a grocery store or fresh healthy food. The occurrence of food deserts in the United States is unacceptable, for a first world country, and the more the government continues to ignore the problem, our country will continue to grow more unhealthy and add to the astronomical increase in obesity. The United States Government needs to do more to regulate the areas considered food deserts, and hold fast food industries accountable for providing the correct nutritional information needed on their products. Statistically, food deserts are most likely to appear in large urban areas packed with people and housing projects. Some places that people would never even think would be considered a food desert are, ranked in order are, “ New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York.” According to the article, Americas 9 Worst Urban Food Deserts written by “NEWSONE”. Any catch you off guard? The common

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