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Pinkwashing is the systematic marketing of products with pink ribbons or other pink motifs within brand design, which gives the appearance of the company’s intention to give some part of the profit towards breast cancer causes. Ironically, the money made from this marketing will often not significantly benefit somebody with breast cancer. The pink ribbon was originally created by the Susan G Komen foundation yet anybody can use this symbol, because there is no intellectual copyright on it. Pinkwashing is term was first coined by the organization called breast cancer action, whose mission is to “Breast Cancer Action’s mission is to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer” (Breast Cancer Action 2015). …show more content…

This can be attributed to excessive pinkwashing of everyday products in our economy, because they indicate that cultural attitudes surrounding breast cancer are susceptible towards politically biases in medical treatment. Breast cancer is a particular social issue that has had an incredible amount of bias affecting how the medical community addresses solving it, and much of it can be seen surrounding the dialogue around pinkwashing products. Treatment for chronic diseases in modern medicine tends to be an expensive endeavor for patients, and thus difficult to access for many. One would think that the huge financial resources generated by selling trendy pink products would assist in covering for these treatments, but there is not much proof that this happens. There are numerous reasons why this money may not be reaching women. One reason is that there might be a cap on the companies’ donations (Truesdale and Lopez 9). This means that no matter how many items that have the branded pink on them are sold, the company has already set aside a certain amount of money to donate towards their selected charity. Any access amount of money generated from selling the pink item will not be included in the donation. Consumers may be able to see how nonprofit charities spend their money, but profit based companies are not obligated to disclose this

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